As I began getting ready to process this stunning bouquet today, I thought to myself;

What makes the perfect bridal bouquet? 

There’s definitely a distinct difference between the opinions of brides, florists, and floral preservation artists. To a bride, the perfect bridal bouquet may be big, beautiful and CHEAP. To a florist, the perfect bouquet may be one that is full of body and movement, and beautiful symmetrical shapes. To me- I couldn’t care less how the bouquet sits, because I’m going to chop all the heads of those roses anyway. 

For us, the best bridal bouquet has plenty of varying elements. That’s really it. I want to see greenery, interesting textures and colours and a variety of different flowers, and here’s why: 


This simple fact is one that our dear brides don’t seem to understand when they opt for a sleek, all long stem white rose bouquet. Does it look great on the day? Sure. Is it relatively cheap? Yeah! But when you bring me a long stem white bouquet that has been touched multiple times and then thrown into the back of the car to be dropped off, I can tell we’re going to be in for a heck of a ride preserving it. 

When we receive a bouquet that is full of colour, greenery, various textures, sizes and shapes of flowers we have options. When designing a resin block, coaster set or jewellery piece I can actually utilise the different shapes to make something that looks like an art piece! When our only choice is white rose or white rose, the pieces become a bit one note and boring (and we have absolutely no plan B if those roses look like crap after drying.. Which they likely will). 

So if you’re a bride and you’re planning on preserving your bouquet, make sure to tell your florist to give you variety and texture with those flowers- this doesn’t have to be super expensive. If you’re a budding floral preservation artist, this is the perfect place to start building content on your social media to help educate your future customers.