1. Bouquet Drying Reservation


This purchase is a non-refundable deposit to book your place in our floral preservation calendar and dry ONE bouquet or floral arrangement (Select checkboxes to dry additional bouquets- if you require more options please email us at hello@wildclovercollective.com.au) *Price is inclusive of GST.

Please note that as flowers are natural products, we have little control over how they will appear after the drying process. Some flowers are easier to dry and maintain colour than others, but you should expect your flowers to change shape/colour after drying.

If you are yet to design your bouquet/floral arrangement and want to preserve them after, we recommend including flowers such as:

  • Roses, Hydrangea, Babies Breath, Orchids, Stock, Ranunculus.

The following flowers are more difficult to dry and may not survive the drying process:

  • Sunflowers, Lillies, Tulips, Daisies/African Daisies, as well as flowers that are very large and delicate such as Chrysanthemums, Camellia, Paeonies and Dahlias.