DIY Keepsake Kit- Resin Ring Holder & Dish


Ring in romance with the Wild Clover Collective DIY Ring Holder & Dish Keepsake Kit!

Whether you’re celebrating years of cherished memories or just said ‘I do,’ our DIY floral resin kit lets you transform those special blooms into lasting treasures. Whether they’re fresh from your recent big day or vintage petals from years past, embark on a fun project with your partner to preserve the love that blooms eternal.

Why our DIY Keepsake Kit Rocks:

  • Keep Those Memories Fresh:  Our kit helps you create keepsakes that capture the flowers from your big day, in a super fun way.
  • Get Creative: Our silicone moulds aren’t just for flowers- you can encapsulate sand, shells, lace, ribbon, feathers or anything else that takes your fancy.
  • Easy-Peasy Preservation: With our premium materials and simple instructions, you’ll get professional-quality results without the stress (or the huge price tag)
  • Cherished Keepsakes: These aren’t just decorations; they’re treasures. Share the love for generations to come.
  • Any type of flowers can be used (as long as they are dry), so you can use this kit with artificial, preserved or even older flowers that have dried already! No need to keep your 20 year old bouquet in the closet any longer. This kit also includes FREE access to our How to Dry a Bridal Bouquet (like a Professional) video course, valued at $50!

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What’s Inside:

  1. FREE access to our ‘Drying a Bridal Bouquet (Like a Professional) video course valued at $50! (please make sure to create an account and be signed in at checkout so the course is assigned to you)
  2. Awesome Resin: Our top-notch, crystal-clear resin is perfect for preserving your delicate flowers. It’ll make sure your bouquet looks as stunning as ever. This is the exact same resin we use for our professional Bouquet Preservation art pieces!
  3. Ring Holder and Ring Dish Silicone Mould: Our beautifully shiny silicone moulds will allow you to create a beautiful resting place for your wedding jewellery, while also being the perfect way to show off your blooms every day.
  4. Personal Touches: Add your own flair with ribbons, charms, or whatever else makes your heart happy. Want to add a touch of luxury? Choose gold or silver leaf for a bit of sparkle.
  5. Gloves Galore: We’ve got you covered with three pairs of disposable gloves. Keep those hands clean and safe while you work your magic.
  6. Mix it Up: We include all the tools you need for measuring and mixing your resin, and they’re reusable, so you can use them over and over once you catch the resin bug.
  7. Step-by-Step Guide: Our guide makes it simple to turn your bouquet into a beautiful keepsake. We’ve got your back every step of the way. And if you do run into any dramas? Email us for support.

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