Hey there Bride! Have you already sorted your bouquet? According to a few of our sources, there’s definitely going to be a mix of trends when it comes to wedding florals for 2022. 

Bright and Bold Bouquets

Picture Source: Tesselaar Flowers

Most of our sources agree that deep, dramatic tones such as purples, reds and oranges will be in this year, as well as a mix of dried and fresh flowers. An easy way to achieve this look would be combining dyed, preserved flowers in jewel tones with pops of fresh red or magenta roses and dahlias along with dramatically dark greenery to complete your bouquet. 

Simple, and Sustainable

Picture Source: Gather Australia

A trend that we are obviously loving here on the Wild Clover farm is sustainable flower farming! Covid has definitely shaken up many things in our daily lives, and the supply chain for flowers was one of them. Did you know that most of the flowers you can buy in an Australian florist are actually flown in from places like Kenya, Ecuador and China? Supporting locally grown Australian flora and using natural elements like wheat and grass is totally in, and we hope it’s a trend to stay. 

Gorgeous Greenery

Picture Source: Montana Wild Weddings

This isn’t a super new trend, but we don’t think it’s going anywhere fast. Using plenty of fresh greenery in your wedding florals definitely gives the space a fresh and contemporary vibe, and is absolute gold for all of you brides who are planning on doing your own arrangements- greenery is usually pretty cheap, and you might get lucky and even find some gorgeous supply in somebody’s backyard. 

Simple and Sophisticated

Picture: Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face (1957).

Truthfully, there wasn’t too many predictions that Vogue Australia made that I actually agreed with/liked, but they have mentioned elegance, understated luxury, fragility and beauty, with reference to some traditional bridal looks from Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. You can achieve this vibe with monochromatic, expensive flowers such as lilies, orchids, dahlias and peonies, but be warned these might not be available during peak wedding season in Australia, and they can be super difficult to dry, press and preserve in resin. 

Floral Fun

Picture Source: June Cochran Photography

One forecasted trend that I absolutely love from Bloomsbythebox.com is DIY floral bars! Giant Jenga and photobooths have had their time in the sun, but setting up an interactive flower crown/arrangement station with wire, cutters and cheap greenery and flowers would be a dream cocktail activity (for me at least!). Giving your guests something to do while you take your gorgeous bridal pics is always appreciated. (Here’s a Bonus 2018 pic of me and some of our wedding guests wearing flower crowns we made ourselves- a Latvian tradition!)

So there you have it! Some of my favourite predicted floral trends for 2022. Were you surprised by any of these? Is there one you love and can totally see yourself doing at your wedding? 

Xx Love and Flowers,